15 Inspiring Quotes on Passion (Get Back to What You Love)

Sometimes you just need a bit of inspiration to get your day going.

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How to Choose the Domain Name That Drives Traffic to Your Website

Selecting the perfect domain name is crucial to your marketing efforts because the cost of changing it in the future can be very painful. Not only will it be part of your company brand, the name can actually influence consumers and search engines. If you change it in the future, you may have to go back and update all of your collateral material, and even worse, negate any search engine influence that you built up over time.

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9 Reasons You Should Be Talking About Local Marketing Tools

Do you have a local business?

What is your online marketing strategy?

You do have one, right?  If not, to survive in business today, that really needs to change.

Following, are 9 recommended tools to grow your customer base. You will find three sections with three items mentioned under each.  I personally have used these resources to grow my own success on the web.

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