What Makes a Strong Call-to-Action Post for Social Media

The purpose of a CTA (Call-To-Action) is to get someone to take specific action. You are calling on them to do something, and that something can be a variety of behaviors. For social media, these types of posts are very different, say, from a landing page or a blog post where call to actions can be as long as needed. Plus here, your reader may have found you, instead of visa versa. 

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How To Start A Hyper-Local Facebook Group With Facebook Graph In One Day

How cool would it be to start a hyper-local community on Facebook in one day?

Sounds impossible, right?

The truth is that with simple digital marketing methods, you can start building a hyper-local community today. No more awkward conversations at the gym trying to meet people or at meetups where no one bothers to go. This solution is proven and almost anyone can do it.

Who this for?

– Any small business owner interested in becoming a local leader in their niche and establishing an incredible brand.

– Any entrepreneur who wants to create credibility and have an engaged community that loves their product and service.

Running a successful small business has always been a huge part of my family. My mom owns a yoga studio and my dad owned a coffee shop for several years. Here’s the thing: Their biggest obstacle to generate revenue was not differentiating their product, but reaching people and getting them to engage.

Here’s the answer: It’s not a logo or other flashy advertisement that drives people to love your small business – it’s community.

So, I decided to solve this problem.

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4 Google Nightmares You Want To Escape From

Ever feel like you are at the mercy of search engines, with your negative online results overshadowing the positive ones? 75% of HR departments are required to Google potential employees, and that doesn’t even take into account future bosses or colleagues looking you up. While it’s unfortunate that your professional persona is affected by your private online presence, it’s a reality that proves to be unavoidable.

It’s also possible that someone who shares your name has some skeletons online. If employers can’t see you, there’s no way to distinguish between the two of you. Someone who shares your name could also be more renowned than you, leading to his or her successes overshadowing your own. Imagine having your dream job find the first “Beth Henderson” they discover is a Harlequin romance novelist. It’s not exactly what you’d want to be known for!

You can take control though! Here are four nightmarish online results you should keep an eye out for and how to avoid them:

1. Negative Press
It’s simple to find bad press for any business or person, even if the negativity is completely unfounded.  Specific news outlets for your industry could lead to headlines you’d prefer to hide.

Take Control: Set up Google Alerts with your name so you know real time if any press is coming out about you. Knowledge is power. If you feel you have been misrepresented, many press sites allow for comments and the sooner you know, the sooner you can comment and help people see your side of the story.

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3 Reasons to Perfect Your Mobile Site

There's no denying it. Mobile has changed the terrain of online behavior more than anything else in the past 10 years. With the meteoric rise of smartphones and tablets, mobile is growing into an important aspect of marketing. If you aren't utilizing it, you're cutting out a HUGE chunk of possible traffic. Every year millions of Americans invest in smartphones and tablets, leading to the discovery that time spent on mobile in the US exceeds time spent on PCs. 

1. Increases Sales and Customers
Simply by updating your site on mobile, you've automatically found a way to reach out to the 1.75 BILLION people estimated to have a cell phone in 2014. 76% of people prefer the sites they visit to be mobile and 67% will be more likely to become a customer if the site operates smoothly. Sending out emails also is affected by mobile. 66% of individuals open emails on their smartphone. Imagine sending out an email with an amazing offer, only to find that no one can see it.

2. The Amount of Mobile Users are Growing
Mobile users are quickly surpassing those tied to a desktop computer, as tablets and smartphones rise in popularity.  It is estimated that by 2016, 112.5 million adults in the US will own a tablet. About 1 out of 5 Facebook users only use the social media site on their mobile device. It's very likely your company is running ads for these individuals, but they are unable to access your site because they are on their mobile device.

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5 Tips & Tricks To Be Amazing at Instagram

6 months ago, social media juggernaut Instagram proudly announced that they surpassed 200 million followers and the numbers keep growing every day! Once a trendy photo-sharing platform, Instagram has grown into a powerful social media marketing tool that you can add to your arsenal. 

This mobile-based social media platform relies heavily on hashtags and strong graphic content and can be an excellent resource for small businesses looking to build a community of customers. Unlike more traditional media where selling is the name of the game, Instagram's quirky filters and infinite hashtag options offer users a myriad of creative opportunities to build a supportive community and a passionate fan base.

  1. Keep it Specific
    No one likes a scatter shot approach. Imagine receiving a present that's been re-gifted from someone else, doesn't feel good does it? Don't apply a strategy designed for a different customers or for a different social media platform all together. It rings false and can be easily detected. It's important to know what users specifically want from their experience before trying to sell anything!

    After observing your ideal customer's Instagram and the 'getting to know you' stage is out of the way, create a brand-specific strategy. Make sure you keep the focus of the platform on your company's individual world view. Let your customers see your business through your lens. 
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