Should Your Business Switch to An Instagram Business Profile?


I’m not surprised about Instagram’s latest announcement earlier this month. As a company who was bought by Facebook, it was only a matter of time before we’d see Business Profiles. Instagram's been going through some changes lately (not to mention their logo, which I can't decide if I like yet). We saw the algorithm change in their newsfeed that had many freaking out, and now you’re tempted to freak out about this change too. You’re left questioning whether you should make the switch to these new Business Profiles once they're rolled out. What should you do? Is it worth it? 

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The True Cost of Social Media

The days of free social media advertising have been over for years and any expert will tell you that it was never truly free in the first place.  With that being said, how much should maintaining social media for your small business cost? Let's break down how much time and money goes into running a social media presence, that not only represents your brand, but also drives additional revenue.
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New Year, New Beginnings: How to Turn Around an Unhappy Customer

Every savvy business owner knows that one happy customer can go a long way… but so can one unhappy customer. So the question is, how do we turn those customers around? 

The New Year is all about new beginnings though, and maybe you and an unhappy customer can start over and begin the new year off on the right foot. We can all think of that one customer who is particularly unhappy and also particularly vocal about it. With a little bit of work, and the right actions, you can turn this customer around!

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