139 Facts and Stats About Instagram One Should Be Aware of in 2017

Instagram is a mobile photography application that Facebook bought for $1 billion in 2012. Let’s see how it all started and how the company is doing now.
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The 5 Don'ts on Social Media

A lot of our blog posts are helpful and positive, we want to help you and your business find the knowledge you need to be as successful and likeable as possible. Sometimes though, we all need some help on not “What to do” but instead on “What NOT to do”. Consider this a starter guide on things we see all the time on social media, but we really wish we didn’t. Now, don’t get me wrong, none of these mistakes are fatal, common sense is usually enough to keep us out of those pitfalls. However, they can elicit groans, and at worse, can lose you likes or followers.

Keep these in mind though, and your social media and followers will be all the happier for it.

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Branding Check-up: Do You Have The “Social”?

A piece of advice in social branding that I always give to the social entrepreneurs that I have worked with is: “Never consider yourself a brand, be a person.”

In this era of social media, mobile technology and content marketing, what can make or break a business is the ability to tell a good story about their brand and present the story in a unique but comprehensible way.

So what leads to goodness? How do we tell a story successfully?

You can tell a story that people will listen to, but that is not good enough. You can tell a story that people will listen to and respond to but that is still not good enough. You have to tell a story that people will listen to, respond to and share their stories to others. Engagement is the true power behind a story.

The ability to engage humans comes from being human. Being a soulless brand that makes a product, you are voluntarily isolating yourself from your customers and opportunities. You have to be a brand that has a strong personality, that connects, that makes friends, that creates conversations and, at the very least, that sells a product.

I like using the analogy of friendship when talking about social businesses. Remember what Aristotle says about friendship? It’s something humans cannot live without, and by definition, it is the way one wishes well to another for the other’s own sake.

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The 4 Things We Would Tell Small Business Owners

Calling all small business owners! Have you ever thought any of these things to yourself about your company’s marketing tactics and goals?

“I need new customers through the door.”
“I am wearing a lot of hats & my business is NOT marketing itself.”
“I don’t have the expertise to effectively use social media.”
“I don’t have the $$ for a marketing or social media agency.” 
 If so, don't worry--we hear it all the time.

If not, you're perfect and you can stop reading now.

If so, read on!

Those are the 4 things we hear most from small business owners, whether they're current clients of ours or talking to one of our social media growth experts. We know that if they knew the answers to those questions were so simple, they could sleep better every night.

Here's what we tell them:  

1. I need new customers

You need new people in the door and process of finding them reminds you of a Where’s Waldo book. This is the #1 thing that the small business owner is constantly looking for, so you're not a alone. I mean, who doesn't want to grow their business? In order to use social media effectively to drive these new customers, you have to know how social marketing works. A potential new customer is not going to "Like" your page, then immediately come into the store with their credit card ready and purchase.

The social sale cycle is normally 90-120 days after that first engagement. In this time, it is your job as a business owner to establish trust, engage & entertain with your audience and provide value through your content. Talking about yourself and how great your business is 24/7 gets quite annoying and can potentially turn someone off. You want your fans to come back to your page seeking advice from the industry experts so that when the time comes for them to need your service--you are the first one they think of!

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Basic Do's and Don’ts of Social Media

Social media can be a big a scary place for some people. There are so many different networks and ways to get involved. Where do you start? What is the best form of social for me? How can I best express my brand and my business? Are people even going to notice my business on social?

Slow down, Stop right there. Before someone gets lost in the great big digital world, lets start with some basic dos and don’ts of social media.


DO - Create a Plan: It’s always great to have a plan before you start anything. It’s a good way to keep organized and create goals. If you wing it, an idea can get lost and a cohesive brand can't be established or understood.

DO - Share Great Content: Sharing awesome content is a great way to attract clients, build an audience, and show your target audience your brand voice. It can be humorous, educational, or even just thought-provoking to get people to talk about and share your content and business.

DO - Stay Connected and Listen: Whatever networks you choose, stay connected with your audience. Listen to what they have to say and respond by asking questions and addressing concerns. Communicate regularly with your audience to establish a trusting relationship.


DON’T - Use Only One Network: Using one network can be a great place to start but you don’t want to end there. Having multiple networks allow you to connect with different audiences and share different content across each medium. Each social network has their own strengths and weakness so find which ones balance each other out to work best for your brand.

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