Top Changes to Make Online When Relocating Your Business

There are lots of reasons to relocate a business: your business may be growing or you want to get physically closer to your consumer base.

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5 Signs it’s Time for a Website Update

What Happened? My Website Didn’t Used to Suck

You paid good money for that website…back when fax machines were relevant. And damn it, the longer you keep it, the better that decision was!  Problem is, there’s a point of diminishing returns, and missed opportunities. So how do you know when it’s time to pull the plug? Glad you asked:

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The Sin of Scrolling...Learn to Forgive

No Scrolling Please...

“And don’t forget…no scrolling. Everything has to be above the fold. I want everything where people can see it. I just don’t want to take the chance that they might miss something.”

-Every Client We've Ever Had


Fun Fact: the term “the fold” came from the way newspapers were displayed out on the street, with all the headlines in view to entice passersby’s to pick up the paper. If it looked interesting enough, people might pick up the paper and buy it.

To this day, we still have clients trying to cram 8lbs of crap into a 5lbs bag.

The reality is, that back in the day there actually was a certain degree of logic to this. By “back in the day” I mean around 2014 or earlier. I know this because back in the day, that’s how we built websites.

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6 Tips to Make WordPress Mobile Friendly

While WordPress is the tool of choice for more than 75 million website owners around the globe, not all of them are as clean and quick as they should be. For your site, responsiveness is key to success, not just because Google will like your site better, but because it creates a better experience for the end-user. Follow these six steps for a more responsive, and therefore, more successful website. 

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