How Lead Ads Converted Clicks Into Clients For This Virginia Law Firm

Our customer of the month is Denbigh Law! Denbigh is a multi-disciplinary law firm in Yorktown, Virginia that covers a wide range of legal needs. 

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The Sweet Smell of Social Media Success: How Likeable Local Helped Grow this Natural Detergent Business

Our customer of the month is Patricia A. Boswell of Safonique! Safonique is the first company to introduce pure essential oils in the laundry detergent marketplace. Safonique gets clothes immaculately clean with none of the harmful and environmentally-unfriendly chemicals in traditional detergents!

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How Social Media Helped Drive Business to this Small Company One Stitch at a Time

Our star customer this month is Quality Quilts by Laura. Owner Laura Winckel helps mourners memorialize their lost loved ones and celebrate births, marriages, and anniversaries. Customers who have commissioned Laura call her quilts “hugs from heaven”. They’ve even deemed her, “The Quilt Angel”. Laura also frequently speaks at trunk shows and other events on her career and passion for preserving memories.Laura's work was also recently featured in "Work It" by Carrie Kerpen, a public speaker, host of the popular "All The Social Ladies" podcast, and co-founder and CEO of Likeable Media. In the book, Carrie shares how she was touched by a "Quality Quilt".

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