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Content creation is a difficult task. Because every online business needs fresh content on a consistent basis, outsourcing is a must. Yet, doing so for your blog and/or website often comes with a lot of risks.


In today’s post, are 10 tips that will boost your outsourcing game.


The key to great performance is repetition. The more you outsource, the more feedback you’ll receive. When you get feedback, improving your content is easier. So, let’s get started.


Decide What Needs to Be Outsourced


Before outsourcing anything, you must identify the activities that are worth outsourcing. Look for time-consuming activities that inexperienced individuals can perform. In this way, you won’t have to pay a lot for these assignments, yet the results will really make a difference.


Choose a Reputable Service or Professional


It’s best to collaborate with a reputable professional or service. Do research first. Research the reviews, assess their previous work, and get to know them. Before ordering, dig deeper.


Don’t be Afraid to Invest


Steven Harry, CEO at Essay Geeks, shares his opinion on the matter:

 “Never be afraid to invest in outsourcing. Your business’s performance is directly proportional to your content’s quality. Therefore, don’t perceive the paychecks you give as something. . .negative. As time goes by, the content that costs “so much” will bring more revenue, therefore giving you a positive ROI (return on investment).”




When you outsource, you have more options for payment. You can choose monthly, weekly, daily, or hourly payments, or you can simply pay-per-project. I recommend the second option, as you can better manage and motivate your workers by paying them for results, rather than hours spent on the job.


Always Ask for Samples


Never order before you get a personalized sample. This means you should ask any service and/or freelancer to work on a project of yours. Offer specific guidelines and be concise with what you need. Let them know they will receive compensation for the assignment.


Start Slowly


Start slow and start small. If you’re new to outsourcing, don’t invest significant amounts of money. Like any marketing campaign, you must test the waters first by investing small amounts of money until you see results. It’s the same with outsourcing!


Provide Guidelines


Whenever you order content, ensure the assigned writer is competent enough to respect your guidelines. Then, provide smart and concise guidelines anyone can follow. That way, there will be no confusion in case your writer fails to deliver what’s necessary.


Communicate Effectively


Communication is the biggest challenge many people come across. If you can communicate effectively by being available, patient, and diplomatic, the process will go more smoothly. It’s simple; the more you invest in your content writer, the better they will perform.


Set High Expectations


Every single creator of yours must be fully aware of your high expectations. Let them know you’re paying them good bucks for high-quality work, and you expect nothing else. Don’t start an outsourcing relationship if you’re not convinced your prospects are committed to delivering whatever it takes.




Effective outsourcing is definitely a factor that makes the difference for today’s businesses. Those who do so effectively gain so much extra time to achieve their objectives. All in all, businesses that work smart and outsource effectively will experience more success in the long run.

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Chris Richardson is a journalist, editor, and a blogger. He loves to write, learn new things, and meet new outgoing people. Chris is also fond of traveling, sports, and playing the guitar. Follow him on Facebook and Google+.




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