In January, we set out to find the best 150 Marketers to Follow in '15. Now, we've selected 9 of these marketers (including our very own Dave Kerpen) and asked them to share one actionable way to grow your marketing business this year. The result? Our new free ebook: 15 Ways to Grow Your Marketing Business in '15! We suggest you download the eBook to get the most of their innovative ideas, but here's a taste of their advice below: 

  1. Throw Away Your To Do List and Start a Victory Log
  2. Meaningfully Connect
  3. Increase Your Integration
  4. Find Emotional Points to Tell a Story
  5. Control Your Calendar -- Control Your Productivity
  6. Be Useful
  7. Analyze Your Social Success Appropriately
  8. Diversify Your Content
  9. Don’t tell your customers to “Like” you and “Follow” you, tell them why and how they should
  10. Listen first and never stop listening
  11. Be Authentic
  12. Why ask questions?
  13. Surprise and delight your customers
  14. Look for Support Among Your Peers
  15. Just Be Likeable

Get to know our contributors! Give them a follow and start the conversation today! 

Scott Ginsberg @nametagscott
Author. Speaker. Strategist. Filmmaker. Publisher. Thinkmapper. World Record Holder. I also wear a nametag 24-7. Even to bed. 

Mary C Long @MaryCLong
Consistently interested in inconsistent things. Word hacker. Digital disruptor. Ghost @DigMedGhost @AllFacebook @Examinercom

Robert Caruso @fondalo 
Dad, Friend, Geek. I Tweet about Social Media, Mrktg, Tech. Love technology & Coffee! CEO of @BundlePost Make me laugh and lets connect!

Kenny Nguyen @bigfishkenny 
CEO/Founder of Big Fish Presentations| Foodie |Astrologist Nerd

PhyllsKhare @phylliskhare 
#Author #Social Media #Marketing TimeBliss.ME is OPEN -- simple time management for busy entrepreneurs. Get Your Life Together!!

Kami Huyse @kamichat 
On the PR treadmill of life...Founder of @ZoeticaMedia, founder of Social Media Breakfast Houston #SMBHOU

Tamara Mendoza @LollyTammy 
Freelancer [SMM] #Inspire #SocialMedia Coffee is Love.

Will Blunt @WillBluntAU 
Helping people attract, grow and nurture an online audience. Founder of @BloggerSidekick, Chief Contributor at @Bluewire_Media and massive Drake fan!

Dave Kerpen @DaveKerpen
Dad to 2 girls, Husband to @CarrieKerpen 1st. CEO @LikeableLocal, Founder @LikeableMedia. NYTimes bestselling author @LikeableBook's. Columnist @INC. Tweet hi!


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