image1-2In case you're not totally convinced yet, listening on social media is imperative for your social strategy. Listening makes people feel heard and acknowledged, helps gain a better understanding of your customers, uncovers new opportunities,contributes to future product planning, and more!

The good news is, listening on social networks like Twitter and on tools like Likeable Hub has been getting smarter and smarter. The challenging part is it has also been changing so quickly! We know it might be hard to keep up and know how to use listening tools properly! So, we've broken down 16 awesome Advanced Search Queries on Twitter, and why they are helpful. We use some examples of a real-estate agent interested in looking up topics around “house hunting”.  

Imagine this scenario: you are a real estate professional and you want to take advantage of social listening. To start, you need to identify some great keywords that would be interesting to your business. One could search  “real estate listings”, specific real estate companies that may be your competitor, “house hunting”, & other related phrases.

Here, we tried “house hunting” as a keyword to search. The search results allow you to listen to everyone who may be house hunting, asking about how to house hunt, or other competitors that are talking about house hunting guidance. Generally, anyone who's using the words "house hunting" together will come up. 

Here’s what your search looks like in Likeable Local's Hubspot Tool:

Here are your search results:

Screen_Shot_2015-06-29_at_10.45.17_AM Let’s now take a deeper look into what you can do with the search phrase “house hunting”. Notice how it was searched with quotations surrounding the phrase. There are different symbols that can be added to your keyword or phrase that can affect your search results. In Likeable Hub, we break these down for you on the “advanced queries” link next to the search box.

These newer listening features will help you search more effectively & find the convos that matter most to you.

Let’s dive into these 16 advanced search features pertaining to “house hunting” example.

1. house hunting

This phrase matches both “house” and “hunting”. Separating the words this way, without quotes, is beneficial if you want to search phrases including house and hunting separately.

2. “house hunting”

This phrase matches the exact phrase “house hunting”. This is the best tool to use if you want to search a phrase without separating the words within the phrase.

3. house OR hunting

This search option matches either “house” or “hunting” (or both). As this says, it will search the first word, or the second word, or both. Keep in mind they will not necessarily be together (like when you searched “house hunting”).

4. house -hunting

This search phrase matches “house” but not “hunting”. This search feature will search the first word without the second word.

5. #househunting

This search matches the hashtag #househunting. This feature will search that specific hashtag on twitter. This will allow you to keep track of trending hashtags pertaining to house hunting and will assure that your search will be very specific.

6. from:alexiskold

This search feature will search tweets sent from a specific person, in this case “alexiskold”. If you were a real estate agent, you may want to search what a competing agent, client or prospect has tweeted! You can also search competing or complimentary businesses. 

7. to:techcrunch

This search feature will allow you to search tweets sent to a specific person, in this case, “techcrunch”. You may want to search what has been sent to a client, a prospect, or yourself in the past.

8. @douglaselliman

This search option searches a specific person on Twitter, in this case Douglas Elliman. These search results will include all tweets that @douglaselliman was mentioned in on the social network.

9. “house hunting” since:2010-12-27

This search query searches the phrase “house hunting” from  date “2010-12-27” (year-month-day) onward. Searching between a specific period of time can be incredibly helpful if your market is ever changing.

10. “house hunting” until:2010-12-27

This search option will produce results that matches “house hunting” and sent before the date “2010-12-27”. Similarly to the “since:” option, using the “until:” option can be helpful if you want to search tweets sent prior to a certain date.

11. “house hunting” :)

This search matches “house hunting”, and with a positive attitude. Inserting the :) can be helpful when searching people who are excited about a topic and may want to use your services!

12. “house hunting” :(

Opposite to the :), this search matches “house hunting” with a negative attitude. Change a client or prospect’s attitude by listening to their concerns and responding to them appropriately!

13. “house hunting” ?

This search query matches “house hunting” and asking a question. Your prospects may be confused & it is important to stay abreast of these questions! Many people could be asking questions about house hunting, how to do it, how to get started, or what company they should use. This is true for any industry. Take advantage of these questions, answer them promptly, and provide clients/prospects with your knowledge!

15. “house hunting” filter:links

Using this search matches “house hunting” while also linking to a URL. It is important to read what others have written or shared themselves. Take note of the beneficial article another company, customer, or prospect may have linked their tweet!

16. “house hunting” source:twitterfeed

This search matches “house hunting” entered via TwitterFeed. This search will result in all “house hunting” tweets that have only been entered into the TwitterFeed.

Remember, listening is the most important tool on social! You can use listening to gain customers, cater to your customers or prospects, alter your product appropriately and keep tabs on what your competitors are up to! Easily keep track of all the advanced listening you are doing using Likeable Hub! The powerful platform with an easy to use mobile App allows you to save many different searches and easily navigate between them, and check them seamlessly. You can also utilize these 16 search queries on twitter when searching tweets!

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