Let’s face it, life as a small business owner can get pretty hectic at times. Thankfully, technology—mobile technology in particular—has helped to make our lives a little bit easier. 

As a business owner, you most likely have a plethera of apps on your smartphone. Here a Likeable, we want to ensure that you using these social media apps to their fullest potential.

Here are some #likeable tips and tricks to up your social media game from your cell phone:

1. Facebook’s Mobile Graph Search

About a year ago, Facebook launched graph search for desktops. Recently, this feature was added to Facebook’s mobile app. The great thing about this feature is that it allows users to filter searches by location, people, ratings, and languages. For example, a user can search something like, “Restaurants nearby that my friends visited.” Facebook will then cross-reference all of the restaurants in the area that the user's Facebook friends have checked into and list these restaurants on the “results” page.  

Always make sure your customers are “checking in” to your location on your Facebook page in order to generate WOM referrals for other customers who may be seeking your services!

2. Pinterest Messaging

Within the past couple weeks, Pinterest launched the newest addition to its mobile app: Instant messaging. This new feature allows users to send pins, as well as messages back and forth to each other. The app also allows multiple users (up to 10) to be in the same group chat. This makes for quick, easy, and efficient communication! As a business owner, this is an amazing feature for communication with both employees AND current/potential customers.

In order to be a socially-savvy business owner, it’s important to stay on top of the newest features and trends of social media apps in order to use your business' social media to its fullest potential. Keep your eyes open for these new features as well as many others. 

Just like Likeable Local's CEO, Dave Kerpen has said, "Whichever mobile apps you use, remember, you don't have to worry too much about the computer in order to do social media marketing. You can do it all right from your phone." Check out the full article here

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