We are all guilty of a few unhealthy vices from time to time. Mine is pizza, but who's counting? The only way to improve is to identify the problem and eliminate it from our daily regiment. Here are 3 bad habits to give up on social media.

1. Unnecessary Hashtags

Please stop putting #hashtags on Facebook. Facebook has taken a lot of great aspects from other sites. Now you can track trending articles on Facebook without the use of hashtags. Yes, Facebook has the ability to track hashtags too but they truly belong on Twitter and Instagram, not Facebook. And never use more than 3 hashtags. It's just too much.

2. Stay Active, but not Hyperactive

Running a business is hard. Keeping a prominent social media presence is an easy way for your business to stay in front of customers all the time. If you do not have a dedicated staff member or team of employees constantly maintaining your social accounts, sometimes your pages can go dark.

While this is a bad enough offense, do not compound it by posting 6 things a day for the next 3 days. It only draws attention to the initial oversight and spams your following.

3. Embrace the Negativity

For some businesses, their biggest fear is negative feedback. While this is a justifiable threat, spam from competitors or bad reviews online is not only helpful, it's an asset.

Your customer service, and products or services probably aren't perfect. The only way to know where you need to improve is through objective criticism, constructive or not.

Social media is an open forum. Regardless of how politically correct your appear, someone will always have a differing opinion with a neutral post about almost anything. Take these situations and use them as an opportunity to remain proactive and attempt to rectify any unhappy customers. It will only help you with long term customer retention.

Here at Likeable Local, we take great pride in promoting social media independence. Our job is to educate small business owners about the importance of social media and provide them the knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform at a high level. If you are looking for a little social media guidance, check out our Resource Center. It's filled with free ebooks, webinars, and newsletters to continue your ongoing social media education!

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