This blog post was submitted to us by Heath Rost of Personable Media. Heath is our featured partner for March 2015. Here is Heath's take on how to get the most out of your Facebook posts.

1. Use Square Images

If you’re posting a photo, try as hard as you can to make it a square photo. If your intention is to get everything in the picture in the Facebook Newsfeed you need to succumb to Facebook. The only way to ensure your audience will have the opportunity to capture everything you intend is to crop them in box-like or near box-like fashion.

2. Track How Your Content is Shared

You can stand to gain a lot by simply attaching a Bitly to your posts. Bitly trackers attached to your URL are extremely useful. They allow you to see how many people are really clicking on and interacting with your shared content–and from which social networks they’re finding you.

3. Think, Rinse, Repeat

Too often I get caught up in just wanting to get something out on my Facebook page. "I haven’t been talking with my customers lately. I need to get something out there.” Stop. This is actually a poor mindset to have when talking to your audience via social media. This mindset is actually what leads to people unfollowing you and it actually disrupts the overall image of your company.

A stronger mindset to have is how can I interact with my customers so I can better serve them, and know who they are?

Now when you’re about to post something on Facebook its important to first think about the photo and caption. Let it linger and rinse a little bit. Ask yourself what you believe the emotional response will be. Lastly before you publish stop and think about that same question again. Repeat this step just to make sure.

Huge thanks again to Heath Rost for contributing as our featured partner for March 2015. Interested in learning how you can guest blog for us? Take a look below and see if the Partner Program could be a good fit for you!

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