Getting new prospects into your sales funnel is important, but then moving them through the sales process effectively is even more important in gaining new customers. In any industry, the most important part of the sales process is listening to your prospects. But how can you listen, get to know them, and establish a relationship when they’re not standing in your store or scrolling through your website?

Lucky for you, social media is one of the best tools in your toolbag to nurture prospects into customers. It grants you exclusive access to billions of users – most of whom spend their free time talking to their network of friends and family online. The key to getting closer to your prospects, is to get them talking about YOU, then join them in that conversation.  

These 3 ways to get social with your prospects will help nurture them into new customers.

  1. Join an online community to find and nurture prospects
    You can find leads wherever relevant conversations take place. Research where prospects in your target demographic are interacting and asking questions online. LinkedIn, Facebook and other social networks are a great place to start, as well as trade organization forums. Can't find a group that's a perfect fit? Create your own group on Facebook or LinkedIn and invite members to join! Prove yourself to be a trustworthy source of information that people should follow by chiming in when you can and answering questions. 

  2. Create awesome content that's share-worthy
    Social media is moving away from computer-to-consumer marketing and shifting towards peer-to-peer influencer marketing. What does that mean for you? Bottom line is, people are more inclined to make a purchasing decision if they’ve been referred by a friend or family member so getting your content shared is more important than ever. Incentivize your followers and fans to share your content by aligning it with reasons that motivate them to share! Use Marketo's top 5 things reasons people share to help:

    ⋅ Reputation enhancement
    ⋅ Access to something exclusive
    ⋅ Opportunities for co-creation/authorship
    ⋅ Competitions
    ⋅ Altruism
  1. Give personal shout-outsName drop
    @ mention your loyal fans and thank them for standing behind you. They’re likely to give you a shout out in return! Building good relationships is the first step to driving new leads. Once you’ve established a relationship, you can figure out ways to leverage your product or service as something your prospect needs.

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