StumbleUpon is one of those websites where people pass it and think, “Self, don’t go on there, you’ll leave hours later as a zombie!” Sure you spend countless hours on it but there are benefits to the madness of stumbling through websites that could be from around the state to around the world.


StumbleUpon is useful for many reasons. First, you are shuffling through sites that spark your interest. On StumbleUpon there are over 500 interests and key words to explore. Interest range from generic topics such as sports, movies or news down to pinned interests such as animation, action movies or comics. When you cross a website that you are not too interested in or do not like ,you give it a thumbs down. When you want to see more of the same website/interest, give it a thumbs up and similar types of sites will come up.


This site shows people other web pages that users would normally never see if they didn’t use it. It helps by presenting visually appealing, intriguing, creative and inspiring content. Book and travel generators, fitness regiments, song by the time of day, shopping and even tips for napping are just some examples of websites that users would never think of on their own.


StumbleUpon is a great site to help promote sites around the country that would only get publicity if they were shared on Facebook. It breaks people away from the norm of everyday websites. It can even help businesses and local artists put their work and words out in the real world for free.


Here are 3 ways to have your content shared on StumbleUpon:


  1. Create intriguing and specific content. The most successful content on StumbleUpon includes tutorials, videos, lists, images, and infographics. It is important to grab the attention of internet users that come across many sites per day. If the content is not engaging at its first glance, then there will not be any traffic on the site.


  1. Build a following. A following will increase your chances of being followed by creating a great profile. When a user does stop to read your content and wants to see more, the profile has to be worth looking at. A compelling profile will have internet users wanting more and they will share what they find with their friends. The content will continue to travel around the web.


  1. Know your audience. Knowing your audience (age, gender, location, and device) and the topic for your campaign will help your content reach the target market. If your content is created with a specific topic and interest in mind, internet users who ‘like’ that topic will stumble upon it. Setting your content for a specific audience will help you get the internet users you want to share your page and help grow your business.


Tell us: How do you see StumbleUpon helping your business?


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