3 Ways to Stand Out on Twitter

Posted by Evan Seto

Let’s start this out with an experiment.

Take out your phone and open Twitter. Send out a tweet, it doesn’t matter what it says. Take a look at it, sitting pretty up there on the top of your feed. Leave it alone for ten or fifteen minutes.
Now, go back to Twitter and look for your tweet in your feed. It took a bit of scrolling to find it, right? And if it was tough for you to find, and you were looking for it, imagine how somebody who wasn’t looking would end up finding your tweet.
That’s a fundamental problem for businesses using Twitter. If you’ve been on Facebook, I’m sure you’ve noticed that its News Feed is no longer organized chronologically. Instead, Facebook has instituted a complicated algorithm that helps determine what is the most interesting content for you, and pushes that to the top of your News Feed.

As far as we know, it is a combination of your activity patterns, the post’s recency, and the engagement with that post. The formula itself is a closely guarded secret, and it is constantly improving the user experience for all.

Twitter, on the other hand, has no such algorithm. Tweets simply run through your feed chronologically. It’s simple, equitable, and it makes it difficult for businesses trying to promote their own content.

By now, surely you know that social networks are focused on monetizing themselves by any means necessary. They do this by inevitably forcing businesses of all shapes and sizes to invest monetarily in their social media presence. But that doesn't mean you need the marketing dollars of a Fortune 500 company.

Even small amounts of paid social advertising can go a long way. Or, you could try some of these simple tricks to beat the system! Here are three ways to stand out organically on Twitter.

1) Repeat Tweets

Ever notice that your amazing hand crafted tweet doesn't get the engagement you were expecting? Welcome to my life.

The average shelf life of a tweet is only 20 minutes. Try editing and repeating similar content through Twitter. Our own studies have shown that similar repeated content can receive as much as 86% higher engagement!

Of course it’ll take a little more time than just buying an ad, but that’s the value added proposition Twitter is offering with their ad program! There are some tools out there to help you out though. You can use social media tools to schedule your tweets and copy a paste a couple of times and schedule for different times. This will help ease the load a bit, though it is a tedious process.

Take a look at the "8 Best Social Media Tools" post for more guidance on tools and their distinct features.

2) Weekend Tweets

The vast majority of businesses and brands aren’t tweeting on the weekends. Now is your chance! Don't go dark just because it's the weekend. If there’s less noise and clutter on weekend Twitter feeds, your content will last longer. Even though businesses might not be on Twitter, your customers are. This is again were the scheduling aspects of social media tools can give you a huge advantage against your competition. 

Are you looking to become an overnight international Twitter sensation? Probably not, but that doesn't mean industry thought leaders aren't traveling abroad. Experiment by making your Twitter feed a 24-hour endeavor! Schedule tweets for around the clock and you’ll catch more people whenever they’re online.

3) Image Tweets

How fast do you scroll? If you’re like most people, it’s probably pretty fast. So, what makes you pause? What makes you slow down and notice something. It’s probably not text, it’s pictures.

Everybody loves a picture! And yet, this lesson isn’t prevalent on Twitter yet. Most people’s feeds are dominated by text. Our own creative team incorporates some kind of visual into nearly 80% of all of our customers' content.

The pictures really help your content stand out. If you include lots of images and other types of visual media in your content, you’ll stand out immediately, even if you’re not the first thing people see in their feed.

There are social media tools out there that can help with your business’ Twitter strategy. I would be remiss at this point if I didn’t mention our social media tool, Likeable Hub. It can help with all three of these strategies.

There’s a built-in feature called Turbopost that will automatically repeat your tweets at intervals. You can also use the scheduling feature to make sure you reach all those world travelers and weekenders. And, there’s a constantly updated content feature with thousands of content ideas, with images, to help inspire you and make sure your content is fresh and relevant. The best part is, you can get started with Likeable Hub VIP for free!

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