As cooler days are upon us, why not have good things to read while sipping a warm cup of tea? This is why we have compiled our favorite marketing, technology, and social media articles for you to enjoy in one place. Take a look!

  1. Project Management Lessons From Great Business Leaders
  2. 3 Social Thought Leaders on Where We’re At and Where We’re Headed in Social Media Marketing
  3. The Best Social Media Hack
  4. The Most Important Skills You Didn't Learn In School
  5. Essential Local Search Tips for Your Success in 2016
  6. The 5 W's of Snapchat: A Marketer's Guide
  7. The ABCs of an Effective Business Pivot
  8. Mobile Ad Industry Growing Like Mad, Says New Report
  9. The 5 Step Social Media Evaluation
  10. Your Tweets Now Show Up In Google Desktop Search Results, Too
  11. Improve Your Marketing With Hashtags
  12. 6 Google+ Features to Promote Your Business
  13. 5 Movies With Great Lessons for Entrepreneurs
  14. Want Sales From Social? Here’s How!
  15.  11 Companies Transforming Video
  16. 5 Back-to-School Traditions to Adopt in the Working World
  17. How These 20-Year-Olds Raised $13M And Built A Massive Food Tech Company
  18. Social hour: Small businesses hop on networking bandwagon
  19. 10 Things Your Small Business Needs to Know about Web Analytics
  20. The 7 Styles of Decision-Making
  21. From Like to Love: 5 Ways to Transform Your Followers Into Customers
  22. How Your Smartphone Can Tell If You're Bored
  23. How to Optimize Your Social Profiles for Search
  24. Group Therapy, Sermon, Or Rock Concert? This Is All 3, And It'll Change Your Life
  25. The Key To Handling Difficult Situations
  26. Short On Time And Money? You Can Still Develop A Strong Brand
  27. 3 Easy Ways to Exercise Your Brain’s Creativity
  28. How A Good Newsletter Will Keep Your Customers Coming Back
  29. 6 Quick Tips To Repurposing Social Content To Save Time
  30. Video: The Future of Social Media

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