Negativity: sometimes it seems as if there is absolutely no escape from it. In a customer facing business, you’re constantly bombarded by people’s personal opinions. Some positive and some… not so much. It’s impossible to say how many business owners are scared to approach social media due to their fear of negativity, but it’s probably more than you would think. What if we were tell you there was no need to be scared? Sure, individuals can say whatever they want online, but with these simple hacks you can easily combat (or simply prevent) negativity on social media!

  1. Do NOT Delete or Ignore

Unless a comment is obscene, profane, or bigoted, or it contains someone’s personal and private information, never delete negativity from a social network site or blog. This sounds counterintuitive, right? Think again. Deleting comments shows that you’re either hiding something or do not care about what these people have to say.

The next impulse would be to simply ignore it. However, this is just as bad if not worse. No response is a response! Like deleting a comment, ignoring negative feedback sends out the message that your customers’ opinion don’t matter. That’s not the impression you want to make on potential customers.

  1. Respond Quickly and Resolve Immediately

The first step towards resolving the issue is responding publicly. This shows that you are straightforward and honestly looking to fix the problem. After initially grabbing their attention, take it private to illustrate that you take personal responsibility for the issue at hand. Also, this will allow a free exchange of information, so you can fully make things right. Just remember, the four most important words in social are “I’m sorry” and “Thank you.”

  1. Turn Complainers into Supporter with Surprise and Delight

What’s the best way to prove the excellence of your jewelry business? Turn those negative individuals into evangelists with an extra dose of surprise and delight. Has someone’s new bracelet just broken? Respond that you’ll fix it plus add on a discount or other promotion to show how much you value their patronage!

It’s not hard to turn a frown into a smile. Just know that strong customer service is a vital skill that cannot be ignored. It also can’t hurt to add a dash of excitement to any apology you might have to make.

     4.  Incentivise for Positive Feedback

Instead of focusing on the negative, try to encourage positivity to blossom on your social channels. Create incentives such as discounts or competitions to incentivize your customer to post positive reviews online.

It’s a fact that unhappy people are more likely to write reviews than happy ones. Try to coax your pleased customers out of the woodwork with incentives! Incentives give them a reason to remember your business fondly and in turn write messages of positivity, balancing out any negativity in sight.

Complaints are unavoidable. However, there are ways to resolve any unhappiness that may appear on your social media pages. Address the problem head on, do your best to resolve it, and go above and beyond to surprise the unhappy party and turn them into a fan. Closing your eyes and denying the existence of negativity will only make your problems grow. Face them head on and you can easily resolve anything that brings your online presence down.

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