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Social media marketing may seem simple enough, but it is really a challenge for most brands. Many companies struggle to really connect with their followers, and even more, to turn those interactions into concrete sales. If you are pouring effort into your social media strategy, then you want to ensure you get a good ROE (return on effort) that is measurable and worthwhile.


Focus on Your Customers’ Interests


Don’t get caught into an unflattering habit of brand-centric content in a greedy attempt to increase sales. Many followers will be likely to unfollow you if they feel you are too aggressive with self-serving content. Instead, get to know your audience and post the kind of content they view as valuable. Try to answer questions that are commonly asked, or offer tutorials to help your audience accomplish a task or goal you are knowledgeable about. Any effort to drive customers towards your brand for solutions to their needs should be gracious, limited, and in line with customer-centric content. Let your followers convert because they are interested and brand believers, and not because they are pressured to.


Use Images


Branded images are the only way to keep your users engaged and to maintain brand cohesion. Images need to fit the content and can be funny, provoking, intriguing, illustrative, or inspirational. It is important you condense your images, so they do not load slowly and cause your page to stall. Your users will not be interested in waiting for your page to load because of images that take up a lot of storage space. Mobile users, especially, notice slow loading times.


Keep Content Short


Most platforms are created for short snippets of thought. If you have more to say, link to a blog post or landing page with the rest of your message. Use images to make your posts more engaging and likely to cause your followers to pause in their scrolling. Most mobile users browse social media, so only the content that quickly stands out will catch their attention. A long block of content is likely to be ignored unless it is incredibly captivating. Don’t ever forego quality for quantity or length.


Provide Customer Service


Your customer service team should be ready and active on your social media accounts. You are likely to have users who approach your page with needs and complaints. The best remedy for your curious or frustrated users is to offer immediate responses from your customer service representatives. You will want to give an accurate and speedy response. If you are not sure of an accurate response, you will at least want to let them know you are looking into the matter and will return with a timely response. It may be helpful to offer a follow-up conversation through text message marketing or email, especially for very frustrated customers.


Respond Quickly


Don't let questions, comments, or complaints go without response. Research has shown that the average user expects a response within an hour, and most users expect constant communication that mobile technology allows them to have. Responding quickly and professionally can help ease the frustrations of angry customers and boost the trust of spectators.


Author Biography


Ken Rhie is the CEO of Trumpia, which earned the reputation as the most complete SMS solution including user-friendly user interface and API for mobile engagement, Smart Targeting, advanced automation, enterprise, and cross-channel features for both mass texting and landline texting use cases. Mr. Rhie holds an MBA degree from Harvard Business School and brings 30 years of software, internet, and mobile communications background.




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