With only a few days remaining in 2015, now is the time to plan your social media strategies for the new year! Struggling to figure out where to begin? Look no further. Let us help you with your 5 social media resolutions for 2016. These strategies will help you maximize your business’s success on social media, reach a wider audience, and ultimately bring in more sales! Let’s begin...


1. Customize Content for Different Audiences

There's no need to confine your valuable content to only one form. Start transforming your content into different forms and post them through different mediums. Convert an informative webinar to an easy-to-read blog post. Expand an article and make it into a visually-appealing eBook. Remember, what your audience likes, and where they consume it should inform your content strategy. Expand your audiences by creating multiple forms of content!

2. Introduce a Partner or Referral Program

In business, friends can be very valuable, but these friendships generally take the form of mutually beneficial business relationships. At Likeable Local, we’re always looking for new opportunities, which is why we have our Partner Program. Our partners enjoy numerous perks as part of the program and in return, represent our company and product in front of their clients and prospects. A referral program is also extremely useful when it comes to business friendships. Setting up a referral program allows you to access customers without having to do the work. Your customers and partners can refer their friends to your company!

The reality many companies come to realize quickly is that it is difficult to do everything yourself. That’s where partners and referrals come in.

Partnerships will strengthen your business. Even some of the largest companies, such as Facebook and Google, have partners to help them perform the functions they don’t necessarily have the time to perform themselves. No matter the size of your company,  partner and referral programs are something you should definitely start!

3. Improve your Social Listening Skills

Listening is the single most important skill in social media. Those on social media tend to be really great when it comes to talking; however, they tend to fall short when it comes to their listening skills. Social media gives us the opportunity to listen to customers and prospects effectively. Listening and demonstrating empathy builds brand identity and trust. Also, by paying attention to what your customers are saying, you can find out what they’re looking for. Where is the best place for small business owners to begin social listening? Where their prospects and customers will go, social media and Google.

4. Take Advantage of Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are here! It's true; Instagram ads are now available to everybody. So you should jump on board! Trust us, it’s worth it. Although it is still early, preliminary reports are showing that Instagram ads are seeing higher engagement than standard Facebook ads. In fact, for web click conversions, Instagram ads are seeing an average 1.5% click through rate, versus a 0.84% for a comparable Facebook ad at a similar cost per click (Source: Fool). Come on! Hop on the Instagram train!

5. Perfect your Hashtags

From a business perspective, hashtags are a great way to create a unified campaign across your social platforms. Recently we used the hashtag #SearchisSocial for a webinar. The hashtag explained our partnership with a search engine optimization expert and explained that he webinar would be about the benefits of SEO and social media for businesses. We used this hashtag in all our tweets, email marketing, and on Facebook, and we encouraged people listening to the webinar to tweet along with us live. When constructing a hashtag for your marketing efforts, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1) Make it unique: In order to make sure nearly everyone who is using your hashtag is actually interacting with your marketing, you need to make a unique hashtag.  

2) Make it simple: As much as you might want to put lots of campaign details into your hashtags, simple is always better.

3) Make it fun: When making a hashtag for your marketing campaign, you want people to use it, so make it catchy and conspicuous.

For more information on hashtagging and utilizing them specifically on Twitter, check out our eBook on Twitter success: 7 Proven Strategies to Maximize Twitter for your Business!


We’ve done our part; now it’s your turn to put these strategies to work! Which resolutions will you choose to carry out? We are looking forward to you strengthening your social media marketing efforts in the new year. Get ready to reach your social media goals in 2016!


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