This is not a guide for social media novices.

This is some next level stuff, that should really only be tackled once you have a strong following on social media platforms. In fact, don’t think of it as “media” or “platforms” at all. Think of Facebook, G+, Twitter, and the rest as crucial components of your social media infrastructure. They are cornerstones of your digital marketing, sure, but they are also the fastest, easiest, most affordable, and most transparent ways to get your customers raving about you, and your prospects excited to to visit you.

Ask yourself:

Do many of my current customers already know where to find me on social media?
Do I have regular interactions with happy customers online?
Am I aware of my reputation and participation on my top three most-used social media sites?
Am I posting original content from my business on Facebook at least once weekly, and getting consistent likes, comments, and shares?

If you answer Yes to all these questions, you have a solid foundation on social media, and are ready to test out some or all of these advanced strategies to optimize your efforts on social, and turn your fans into new referrals. So, let’s go!

1. The first and easiest thing you can do to amp up your engagement and convert your fans to customers (and customers to fans) is to upload your newsletter list to Facebook to invite them to like your page. Reach out to your favorite loyal customers and Surprise and Delight them!

2. Run an exclusive social media promotion.The idea here is to make your Facebook fans feel valued and part of a connected community with you, as well as encourage new people to connect with you on social to take advantage of the offer.

3. Bring your staff on board with your social infrastructure. Some employees may not be interested, but you’ll be surprised to see how many of your team will be excited and eager to help your business develop online! Give them a chance to participate in your social strategy.

4. Automate the process for finding out how your current customers found you at the Point of Sale. You may be getting a lot more direct referrals from your social infrastructure than you may think! Make sure your staff is asking not just "how did you find us" but, "Did you find us online? Do you remember if it was on Facebook, through a Google search, or maybe through Twitter or another social media site?"

5. Start prospecting on social platforms, not just engaging with your direct community on your page. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are all highly searchable, and you can engage with your community online in so many ways! Keep it helpful, conversational, and genuine, above all else.

Once you try out some of these approaches, you will be amazed at how the referrals start coming in. But more than that, your local community, your business, and you personally will feel better about your work, and you’ll probably make some new friends too!

For more specific examples of how to put the above actions into play, join our upcoming webinar on Wednesday, 10/15 at 12 noon EST, Tools To Make Your Business Page Rock!


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