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Have you thought of using Quora for marketing your business? It may just be the right fit for you. 

Quora can provide a monitoring platform for your business. Whenever a question is posted that is related to your business, you can tap on the interest generated instantly. Your designated Quora user can also respond to the query and also create the much needed eminence.

Quora currently won't let brands or companies set up organizational profiles(however there are a few exceptions). One of the better ways to participate is through the profile of a high-ranking executive or spokesperson. 

Quora is quickly gaining the status as the new social media sensation. It’s user friendly interface allows you get a sense of the most active participants within a topic area. Though it would have to be done very carefully and within the site's guidelines for acceptable use, you could potentially initiate further interaction with such users on Quora or elsewhere to address their problems. You could also give loyalty recognition or establish some sort of deeper relationship with users who contribute to the forums.

With an active base of participants who follow or at least are interested in your company or products, Quora also offers a platform for soliciting feedback for use in product design, marketing, or other strategies.

Once you're aware of the content on Quora that relates to your business, your business can incorporate the content into customer support. In some ways, it could end up like an external FAQ, offering hands-on reviews from users of your products.

Quora is gaining a lot of attention among the small-business community for its unique social sharing feature combined with the question-and-answer format that enables easy communication between users. The more you share and participate within your network, the higher gets the chance of more people knowing your business.

Integration of Quora with the social networking giants Facebook and Twitter helps to tap on the vast user base of these networks and in turn aids in expanding your network. The more your company appears on the web, more people follow you, thereby increasing your digital eminence.

In order to experience these benefits, below are some additional handy tips which you can execute to get the most out of Quora for your business.


6 Actionable Tips on How to use Quora for marketing

  1. Integrate Quora with your website and make sure you follow topics including not just your company name but also relevant products, issues, competitors and even specific users. Utilize the "Post to Quora" browser button that enables instant posting of content from any website with your Quora network.
  1. Try to answer questions in your niche so that you can establish the impression of thought leadership.
  1. Visit Quora frequently to draw ideas for your own articles or blog posts. Follow relevant topics which will help you keep tabs on the pulse of the small-business community and your competitors.
  1. Build your network by connecting with users with similar interests.
  1. Integrate Quora with other social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook. According to social media strategist, Angela Stringfellow, sharing your content on Twitter and Facebook will not only allow more people to know about your business but will also help to maximize search engine indexing.
  1. Connect with journalists for free PR as journalists are one of those early birds who would use Quora to obtain valuable opinion for their new stories.

So head over to Quora.com, sign up, and give it a try! It may just be the marketing tool you've been looking for!

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