Facebook. The social media juggernaut. By now, it is almost assumed that everyone has a Facebook profile. More important for you, it is also assumed that all businesses are now on Facebook. Not an expert with the platform? That’s perfectly fine! Everyone has to start somewhere, and we’re here to help.

Facebook has changed its strategy for how brands should use their platform, and now it’s time to change yours. In 2007, Facebook launched “fan pages”. Originally these pages were treated similarly to personal profiles; but over time, the look and reach of them have changed dramatically.

In early 2014, brands started buzzing about the decrease seen in organic reach across the board. Eventually, sources confirmed what everybody already suspected: Posts made by business pages will now reach substantially less users organically. This means people who currently like your page will see your updates in their news feeds less often.

The days of marketing your small business on Facebook without advertisements have been cut short. It’s time to pay to play. What does that mean? In order to get seen, find new fans, and grow sales, you’ll have to start investing money into running Facebook ads and sponsored posts.

Do you know how to run ads on Facebook already? Or is this swift change leaving a bad taste in your mouth and pushing you to different social networks? Our new eBook, featuring advice from social media experts such as Andrea Vahl and Ted Rubin, will give you 7 tips to optimize your Facebook presence starting from the basics, including:


  • How to add Call-to-Actions (CTA’s) to your page

  • Examining your posting efforts

  • Gauging what kind of content to post

  • Using Facebook groups to your advantage

  • How to create promotional events

  • The importance of fostering community through


  • How to create e ective ads through the platform


Dave's Advice

In the movie, The Social Network, the Sean Parker character played by
Justin Timberlake has a famous line: “You know what’s cooler than a million dollars? A billion dollars.”
My line on Facebook marketing is the opposite: “You know what’s cooler than reaching a billion people on Facebook? Reaching the perfect 1,000 prospects or 100 or 1.”

Facebook’s ads aren’t free to run,of course. Facebook earned more than $3 billion in ad revenue in the third quarter of 2014 but its self-serve ad platform is free to explore. This means that anyone who wants to can easily research exactly how many people on Facebook t into whatever targeting criteria he or she desires, free of charge. In other words, without even running any ads, you can nd your target population among hundreds of millions of people simply by feeding Facebook the exact attributes you’re looking for in an audience.


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