Social media for small business is one of the most important lines of communication to your customers. Here at Likeable Local, we believe that a multi-functional social media presence for your business is the best way to communicate with your following beyond the more conventional methods. 

We thought to highlight some of the most exclusive units of The United States Government using social media to stay in touch with their constituents. No need for security clearances to stay up to date with your favorite Government officials and agencies.


The White House uses their Twitter account to post the latest information coming from the Oval Office. These tweets include policy and reform updates, current administrative initiatives, and retweets from the Presidential Family and Vice President Joe Biden.

Social media is also a form of staying in touch for some of America's greatest leaders. Former presidents Clinton and George W. Bush are using Twitter and Instagram to show their appreciation for each other while managing to keep it informal and fun!

President Barack Obama uses Twitter on a regular basis. His staff maintains the day to day operations on the page, but any tweet signed - BO came directly from the president himself. Even the leaders of the free world can escape to social to take light of a situation and connect on an impersonal manner. As business owners, we can learn a lot from these examples.

But it isn't just the Executive Branch staying in the know through social media. One of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow is that of the U.S. Department of the Interior. There are also accounts dedicated strictly to online resources. The Twitter page links you directly to governmental services and information organized for you in one easy to access place.

Of all the Government Agencies with an strong social media presence, nothing will ever replace this tweet from the CIA. Pure social media gold right there.


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