Trust no one.

I think we can all agree that April Fool’s Day is the best day ever. We get to prank our friends and family, and totally get away with it. Luckily, so can brands! April 1st is the one day that brands such as Google and Microsoft use part of their marketing budget on a silly and amusing prank!

Here's our Top 5 pick of the funniest pranks the Internet played on all of us this year to remind us that it's okay to have a chuckle before noon on a workday:

1) Amazon
Amazon went back in time today and reverted its home page to the circa 1999! Here’s a screenshot - nostalgia not included. We feel like this was just yesterday, what about you?


2) Al’s #1 Italian Beef
We were scoping out hilarious tweets for the holiday and encountered this one from Al’s #1 Italian Beef. It's unbe-beef-able (...sorry about that). Not only was it entertaining, it got a lot of engagement online!

2) Google
Google went all out! They included a Pac-Man onto Google Maps, reversed their Google site at com.google (be warned, it's trippy!), and they added the #ChromeSelfie where you can take a reaction selfie to whatever you read on Chrome's mobile app! Likeable Local employee, Beth, had pretty strong feelings about Groupon's cat-themed April Fool's Day prank.



3) Microsoft
Like Amazon, Microsoft rewound their calendars a few decades with MS-DOS Mobile, their 'new' OS. We at Likeable have a lot of love for the 90s, so this was a treat to check out...but, seriously, can anyone make this happen?


4) Selfie Shoes
Move over Selfie stick!  Now you can take pictures, everywhere you go with your shoes! The only trick would be getting your leg to the right height. Maybe it's time for a yoga class...



5) Airbnb

Airbnb suffered an “untimely” problem on its website where all the listings were form different time periods! While we wouldn't want to end up in the stone ages (yikes!) we'd love to try our hand at the Middle Ages. We HAVE learned a lot from Game of Thrones, after all...



What were your favorite? Comment below!

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