The Top 10 Social Media Tools

We're thrilled to be featured in the amazing new podcast called The Social Toolkit from our friends at Social Fresh! Every week they interview a new digital marketing expert about the tools that they love, and then dive into the best processes and tactics for these tools. The January 13th premier of this podcast included a release of 10 episodes (great for you binge-listeners!), and this week's "Social Toolkit Podcast," featured Likeable Local!

In this week's highlight of the "Top New Social Tools of 2014," Likeable Local made the top 10. Jason Keath, CEO of Social Fresh, describes Likeable Local as "the social media easy button for small businesses." We couldn't agree more. Check out below to see what other tools made the list! 

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The Best Small Business Marketing Campaigns of the Year

Thank you so much to everyone who entered our competition! We received so many fantastic entries and enjoyed reading every single one of them, so it was hard to pick the winners. Now, the moment you've all been waiting for: Our Best Small Business Marketing Campaign of the Year (and awesome runners up)! 

1) Teenager Entrepreneur

Congrats to brothers Michael and Marc Guberti! We were totally blown away by these grand prize winners for their creative and multi-faceted campaigns. They run teen business entrepreneurship camps, and their goal was to sell them out. To start, it's no surprise that both brothers have massive followings on social media because they constantly release their own innovative content, and who doesn't love a teenage entrepreneur! In addition to their digital presence, they personally visited local schools to reach out to and excite students to sign up for their camp. To top it all off, Teenager Entrepreneur sponsored interested underprivileged students from New York schools to attend! This connection between digital marketing, in-person networking, and philanthropy was a recipe for success, making Teenager Entrepreneur our winner. This would be impressive for anyone, but at the ages of 18 (Michael) and 16 (Marc) their savviness to connect online mediums with offline supplements was wise beyond their years and something we can all draw inspiration from! 

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Social Media Promises You Can't Break

"I promise to lose X pounds!" "I will read more!" "I will drink less!" - I am the ghost of resolutions past, and these promises never make the cut. It's time to set some social media goals that you won't cheat on. We are going to break it down very simple for you: If you do these 3 things 3 times a week, you will be on your way to a smashing social media presence!

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Kick It Into High Gear in 4 Ways

Wow! We don't know about you, but our December has flown by! The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is definitely felt in our office. We hope that you are handling the stress well, but there are still customers to be served and money to be made, so let's kick it into overdrive! Stumped on what to do next? Try some of these fantastic last minute marketing ideas to finish your 2014 strong!

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3 Things Big Brands Can Teach You About Black Friday

Whether your small business is cramming for this year’s Black Friday or already thinking about 2015,  these 3 lessons we can learn from big businesses can make all of the difference.

Set a Game Plan

No, not a plan that you come up with at the Thanksgiving dinner table, but a 360-degree package that encompasses your social media, overall marketing, and in store logistics. First, in terms of your social, you should have specific posts scheduled for the days before, during, and after (ex. “Store opens at 6:00 AM tomorrow, can’t wait to see you there!”). Second, your marketing should be seamless with plans to connect your offline audience and your online presence. Lastly, your store is a battlefront; so prep your troops for the influx in customers (Best Buy runs a “dress rehearsal” to prepare their employees).

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