Basic Do's and Don’ts of Social Media

Posted by Sam Berdoff

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Social media can be a big a scary place for some people. There are so many different networks and ways to get involved. Where do you start? What is the best form of social for me? How can I best express my brand and my business? Are people even going to notice my business on social?

Slow down, Stop right there. Before someone gets lost in the great big digital world, lets start with some basic dos and don’ts of social media.


DO - Create a Plan: It’s always great to have a plan before you start anything. It’s a good way to keep organized and create goals. If you wing it, an idea can get lost and a cohesive brand can't be established or understood.

DO - Share Great Content: Sharing awesome content is a great way to attract clients, build an audience, and show your target audience your brand voice. It can be humorous, educational, or even just thought-provoking to get people to talk about and share your content and business.

DO - Stay Connected and Listen: Whatever networks you choose, stay connected with your audience. Listen to what they have to say and respond by asking questions and addressing concerns. Communicate regularly with your audience to establish a trusting relationship.


DON’T - Use Only One Network: Using one network can be a great place to start but you don’t want to end there. Having multiple networks allow you to connect with different audiences and share different content across each medium. Each social network has their own strengths and weakness so find which ones balance each other out to work best for your brand.

DON’T - Be Inactive:
Once your brand is on social media, don’t leave it in the dust. Being inactive can be reflect negatively on your brand. People on social media are using Facebook and Twitter as search engines. If you don’t actively use the digital space, your brand can get lost among the competition.

DON’T - Forget To Thank People: Having gratitude is a great quality to have in any situation, especially on social media. Don’t forget to thank to people who share your content or even say something nice about your brand. Ignoring them can show how disingenuous a brand or business can be and can lead to losing an audience or a client. Be grateful. There is nothing but a positive outcome for the business at the end(ie. referrals or great press).

Social media is a big place to talk, listen, and share all sorts of content. These are only some of the basic guidelines to having a brand on social. Don’t be afraid to start; you’ll learn more and more along the way on how to act and connect on any of the networks you chose for your business.

Follow these simple dos and don’ts and you’ll head in the right direction!


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