Deployments are tough and have always been difficult for soldiers and their family members.  My grandfather was deployed during the Vietnam War and I was deployed to Afghanistan. Both of us have had the conversation whether it is better to talk to your family while deployed or to just get lost in your job. Either way, we would always agree that it was nice to hear from your family and friends from time to time.

The reason that I am writing this is to go over the difference that social media makes in our lives. Whether you believe social media is a waste of time or even a disconnect from real friends, one thing you should agree with is that it helps keep friends and family connected who are separated by distance. I am writing this piece on Memorial Day to show how social media has helped and is helping our men and women deployed overseas.

While my grandfather was in Vietnam, he received some letters and when he was lucky pictures every once and a while. While at war, his second child was born and I am sure he would have loved to get pictures a little bit faster than he did back then. In today’s world and in today’s wars, it has gotten a lot easier to connect with family members (disclaimer: I am not saying that you can connect with family members everyday, just that it is easier). I used to really enjoy it when I was able to get online and check my Facebook and see what my friends and family members were up to. It may not of been a fast connection and you weren’t able to check Facebook that many times, but every time you did it was nice to see what everyone was up to. I am sure my grandfather would have loved to have checked his Facebook and seen pictures of his newborn son and his wife.


On this Memorial Day I just want everyone to think about how lucky you are and to take solace in the fact that you have your friends and family close. For those of you who are currently overseas take care, be safe, and good luck. Finally for the family and friends of soldiers currently serving and have served show your appreciation either in person or through social media. Have a good Memorial Day.

By: Phillip Morgan

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