As of yesterday, Facebook announced that Instagram will now have a new video feature for users to shoot up to a 15 second video clip. This new feature comes after Twitter's application, Vine, hit the market with a bang. Instagram's new video feature requires no editing skill. All you need is your phone and your thumb, which act as your start and stop functions. With Instagram's new video feature, you can easily showcase your business at the press of a button. 

Here are 3 ways your can get started with Instagram's video tool for your small business: 

1. Create an ad
From showcasing a new product, explaining a service, promoting sales and giveaways, or advertising an upcoming event, Instagram is a fun and fast way to get the word out. Are you a real estate agent? Use an Instagram video to show off a new listing! Do you own a local cafe? Showcase today's delicious specials with an Instagram video. The options are truly limitless when using this new feature. 

2. Give a grand tour
Do you have an exceptional staff? Show them off with your Instagram video clips. Pictures are always a good option, but your videos will bring your staff to life. Give tours of your business and offer information that you think your customers would be interested in.

3. Host a contest or giveaway
Use your Instagram videos to announce a contest or giveaway your business is running. Encourage your followers to use a specific hashtag to draw attention to your business and engage with other users! 

Leveraging Instagram for your business is now easier than ever. If you are unsure of what to record, there is a “home” page where you can see the videos that other businesses and individuals have posted, and get some ideas from them. Don’t forget to capitalize on the assets that your company brings to the table! Once you have mastered the use of Instagram's video feature, you have the option to share the video on both your Twitter and your Facebook accounts. 

Are you ready to get started? Instagram's new video tool is accessible to all users who have an active Instagram account. All you have to do is start recording! 

 By: Ness Pacheco

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