1. Know Your Team

“Now, we are going to play an ice breaker called ‘Two Truths and a Lie.’” 

Oh yes, the inevitable icebreaker at the first team meeting. We loathe guessing if the new girl in accounts really owns seven cats. However, these icebreakers can be the key to building a strong team. With the right icebreaker, you can establish personal connections while determining strengths and weaknesses within your group. 

Instead of the static icebreaker, try doing something that requires movement, critical thinking and teamwork. One quirky team builder is competing to construct the tallest sculpture using raw spaghetti and marshmallows. Sounds silly, but this is a great activity to get everyone thinking, moving and laughing. Alternative (and cleaner) team building exercises include: creating a blueprint of a dream office, accomplishing a task without speaking and playing a competitive game. 

By knowing your team, you can give people tasks that they both excel at and enjoy. In turn, your company will work more effectively and efficiently. 


2. Give Titles and Responsibilities

A job title gives members of your team a feeling of duty and significance. A title paired with a clear description of responsibilities keeps each member of your team on task. When people aren’t given a sense of direction, they tend to end up doing odd jobs outside of their expertise. 



3. Communicate

Though it is a cliché, communication truly is the key to success. When each person on your team is on the same page, your projects can move forward. To begin the flow of communication, first find out which form of communication works best for your team. This may include Facebook, texting, emailing or smoke signals – it all depends on your teammates. An established communication medium creates an environment in which each person can express thoughts, reach out for help and connect quickly. 


4. Rewards

Develop a reward system for your team. Find out what makes your teammates happy and use it as an incentive to accomplish a task. Something as simple as a game of wiffle ball or free coffee can be the cherry on top to getting your team to work efficiently.


By: Stephanie Russo

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