Content marketing through Facebook has been proven to be extremely successful for companies, if done the right way. It gives your audience the ability to build a relationship with you by staying in touch with your business through social media. You can gain people’s trust by giving them insight through these Facebook posts, and it will help them realize how your products or services would be useful to them. Also, good content can get more likes on your page and more comments and shares on your posts. By following these four simple guidelines, you can become a creative Facebook content writer in no time:

1. Educate your audience.

Make sure you know who you are sharing your content with, so you can appeal to their interests. Show an inside look to the company, and people who see your Facebook page will feel especially informed. Post about relevant topics, and keep up with current events to show that you are aware of and updated on the world around you. Post links to various articles so your readers can learn beyond the content you are writing. Give them the tools to gain more knowledge about your business and your field in general. For something simple, write quick tips to help your readers feel like they can learn valuable information by looking at the content on your page. Your audience wants to feel like they are gaining something by reading your posts on Facebook, so design your content to do just that. 

2. Post pictures and videos.

With so many forms of social media around for editing pictures and videos, it is silly not to make use of them. You have options like Instagram, Instagram Video, Vine, and more, so test them out and post the finished product on your page. People are drawn to visual content, so it will be a great way to grab their attention. Once they have clicked the picture or video to watch, it can be a great opportunity to explore your Facebook page further. This gives readers a chance to learn more about your business in a unique way. Pictures and videos are a great way to add variety and life to your page, and they can engage an audience in a different way than text.

3. Keep it short and sweet.

A study done in 2012 showed that human beings have an attention span of eight seconds. People need instant gratification, and lose interest very quickly. As a result, you need content that is going to catch their eye. Depending on your audience, incorporate content that would be best suited for them. For example, a young demographic would be entertained by a joke or fun fact. People are intrigued by information that relates to them directly, so use that to your advantage when coming up with ideas. If using text, try to condense the point that into a few short sentences. Also, be aware of the time frame where your target audience would be most likely to see it.  

4. Talk about a variety of topics.

Often companies update their Facebook solely with self-promotion. While it is a crucial part of any marketing strategy, you must be careful about doing so through Facebook content. The audience is looking to gain something out of following you on social media, and they are not just hoping for specials and promotions. People are looking for more diversification in content, so while it is important to discuss your company on its page, make sure to switch things up every once in a while. Get creative with it; your options are endless.

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