When searching, “Where can I find coffee shops in NYC?” the average user would typically go straight to Google and click on the first few links to find the answer they’re looking for.  Google does a good job of providing you with the results you desire, but fortunately for all internet users - your search doesn’t have to stop there. You can now completely broaden your search with the help of social media.  The beauty of social media is that content regarding various topics are being updated every few seconds.  The benefits of using Twitter search are seemingly endless. Here’s a few tips and tricks to make the most of it.

1. Job Search

Looking for a job? Using Twitter may seem like an unconventional resource in this instance, but it can prove to be very helpful.  From a personal standpoint, I’ve witnessed many companies post various job opportunities on Twitter that may not be currently advertised on their website.  Use your current job title as well as the location in which you wish to work as search keywords. An example I have used was “marketing jobs nyc,” which produced several results, including nine new opportunities in just five hours.  Geting creative with your search will prove to narrow down the search results with specific details.  Additionally, the hashtag, “#JobOpp,” is an easy and quick way to find opportunities posted by individuals, such as human resource professionals.  In fact, you’ll find Likeable Local’s sales executive job opportunity under that hashtag! Get smarter about your job search and show employers that you’re social media savvy.

2. Brand Lookup

Whenever I get very pleasent customer service, or when I sincerely enjoy a product I have just purchased, I go straight to Twitter and look up the brand's handle to send a tweet to the company. For example, the other day I looked up Macaron Parlour before tweeting out how much I liked the amazing French dessert and atmosphere. The Twitter search assisted me in looking up the official handle so I could tag the bakery in my tweet for a direct link to their page.  


Searching for the brand’s Twitter handle also allows me to view their content as well as their responsiveness to customers.
A Twitter search for a brand also pulls up the customer reviews. Based on the search results I obtain, I can judge whether I wish to support the brand or not.
Tweeting to the brand’s handle can also generate a quicker response from customer service, or even initiate a conversation amongst fellow fans of the brand.

3. Trending Topics/News

I consider Twitter to be my primary news source. Once a major story breaks, search Twitter for journalists reporting on the event, or commentary shared by people around the world.  When #SHARKNADO appeared all over my timeline, I used the search bar to find out exactly what this meant and why it was such a popular topic. The hashtag had been tweeted so many times, I had ample resources to find out what exactly it was referring to. Other major stories have appeared over Twitter before any news station has had a chance to report it, such as the infamous #Asiana tweet from a passenger who was on the plane.  Use Twitter search to discover your news and gain an understanding of the topic from multiple viewpoints.

4. Things To Do

Stuck at home with no plans for the day? Go to Twitter search and find events or things to do in the area! Search your favorite activities or hobbies along with your location. The search bar is especially helpful when you are new to the area.  From the Twitter search bar, I discovered many events happening around NYC and found accounts, such as @TimeOutNewYork, to follow for updates on things to do in the big city.  A handy tip I learned from Mashable is that you can customize your results to choose a specific location by adding “near:” to your keywords. Typing in “kayaking near:adirondacks” will produce results of any related business or tweets.


The power of the search bar will get you out of your home and onto bigger and better activities!

With these tips, you will be able to master the search feature on Twitter and discover many new things. Happy searching!

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