Little do people realize, picking certain colors for your company actually affects how customers feel about your product or logo.  In many cases, color can be the determining factor in which brand a person chooses to buy from. In the info graphic below, consumer reactions to certain colors and what colors companies are using the most for their brand promotion are shown. 



Certain colors are used to achieve the highest impact for companies. Colors can be divided into two categories: warm and cold. Red, yellow, orange, and black are categorized under warm colors, while green, blue and purple are known as the cold colors. The key to picking the right one for your company is to figure out how you want your company to be presented.  The goal is to pick a color that matches the personality of the business, while still looking attractive. Think about your target audience: what colors and patterns would they most likely be drawn to? Take inspiration from that, and get creative with your design.

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