Facebook seems to be the current king of the social media mountain.  There are several things you can do to engage your customers through Facebook and use the platform to attract new customers.

1. Make a Page
If you don't already have a page for your business on Facebook, that’s a good place to begin.  For starters, you can add your business's name, address, hours of operation, and contact information.  Add a few pictures of your place of business, logo, employees, customers (with their permission, of course) and you're on your way!  The next thing to do is start attracting and interacting with fans.

2. Advertise
Setting up a Facebook page is free and relatively easy.  Your presence on the site and the content you post will be great advertisement for your business.  It's a way to keep your business in the minds of existing customers and to reach new customers.  However, you need an audience. Getting people to “like” your page may seem like an overwhelming task at first.  You can start by encouraging your friends and family to like your page.  On top of that, Facebook sells a variety of ads you can use to get more “likes.”  Not only can you target those in your area, or those whose friends are already your fans, but Facebook also allows you to target very specific (or broad) demographics.

3. Post Regularly
Once you're online and attracting fans, it's time to start posting!  You should post regularly, a couple of times per week at least.  The lifetime of a Facebook post is relatively short.  Your post will be old news in a couple of days.  The content doesn't need to be deep.  Anything educational, humorous, or both is great.

4. Be Visual
The web, and social media in particular, are very visual platforms.  Plain old text is bland, so you should really aim to use pictures in your posts.  The content doesn't need to be incredibly original or brilliant as long as it's interesting and engaging.  In addition to general information about your line of business, Facebook can be a great platform to highlight individual customers or your products or services.  Many customers, kids especially, enjoy posing for pictures for you to post online.  And showing pictures of a new product or service can be a great way to generate interest.

By: Kurt Schwanda 

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