Businesses are starting to see more return on investment from the utilization of social media outlets. By providing an effective presence on a website like Facebook, businesses can do more to retain customers and increase traffic within your business and website. Here are 3 reasons why using social media will help increase your ROI: 


1.Word of Mouth 

Not only is word of mouth free, but it can get the message out about your business faster than putting an ad in Yellow Pages. Using a social media outlet like Facebook is much more superior than older methods. By simply clicking the ad, it can be seen by a huge number of people.  

2. Promotions

 If you are holding a promotion within your business, social media is a great way to get the word out extremely quick! Informing through a website like Facebook will allow your customers to feel they are getting a special opportunity available to them.


3. Building Relationships 

Communicating through social media makes it easy to build a communal atmosphere between you and your customers. Customers who feel their voices are heard are more likely to develop brand loyalty. Using social media outlets, like Facebook and Twitter, allow your company to respond to your customers wants and needs right when they post.


By: Alexa Pfeffer

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