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In a world with a huge number of social media platforms, LinkedIn often falls through the cracks.  A well-crafted Facebook page, an interactive Twitter, or an eye-catching Instagram often takes precedence over spending time on creating a compelling LinkedIn page.  I, myself, fail to update this page on a frequent basis.  For a small business, however, this page is incredibly important. 

1. The page allows you to connect with current and potential clients:  A LinkedIn page is a great way to show what you have to offer and keep people engaged.  Stay in touch with current clients by sharing content and use the friends of connections feature to reach out to new individuals. 

2.  LinkedIn allows you to showcase services on a professional platform:  Show others what you have to offer on a social media network geared for professionals.  LinkedIn comes with a professional clout; utilize this to promote your business.

3.  Use the platform to identify top talent and recruit the best staff:  A huge number of people on LinkedIn are looking for work!  Use the network to find those with great experience and can be a huge asset to your team. 

4.  A LinkedIn profile allows you to connect with potential investors: Use the profile to succinctly make your small business marketable.  Use LinkedIn to showcase what you have to offer these investors. 

5.  LinkedIn allows you, as a small business, to demonstrate thought leadership by sharing articles:Simply by sharing articles written by others in the field, you can show you are a thought leader and on the pulse of your industry.  Use the share feature and set your business apart as a leader! 


By: Dennis Marion

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