I’m sure by now you realize the importance of social media. After all, 72% of all internet users are now actively pinning, tweeting, and sharing away. But what does that mean for your overall marketing approach?

Every business can benefit from a proactive online presence. The trouble is learning how to use these tools to benefit your overall social media strategy. Here are some tips on how to leverage sales from some of your old favorites and up-and-comers to the biggest online conversation. 

Instagram: The Rising Star

Instagram is more than just a fancy filter on your #selfie… for the most part. Now, Instagram is a wonderful place to display all of your current products or to showcase the culture of your company. Now with the updated video function, you can share your personalized content in an endless amount of ways. A picture is worth a thousand words, so show your followers what a day in the life is like at your business.

Twitter: The Comeback Kid

What was once the fastest growing social channel in 2010, Twitter’s growth stagnated over the last 3 years. Since that time, Twitter has begun to show signs of new life. More and more personal Twitter accounts become active every day, therefore a businesses’ ability to reach potential customers is even greater. Twitter’s new social search function allows users to search what is important to them by geographic location. A dentist or jeweler might search the hashtags #CleanTeeth or #AnniversaryGift to identify new potential customers asking to be discovered! Nurture these prospects down the sales cycle by sharing what makes your business amazing.

Pinterest: The Artsy Type

Forget the sketchbook, use Pinterest as your own digital storyboard to post your favorite pins, as well as gain exposure to new concepts and ideas. Industries from retail to interior design can see their customer’s unique and creative perspective through the interactive use of this social media outlet. Ask your customers to pin their favorite designs to offer a customized creation just for them as a promotion! Be sure to include price tags on current featured merchandise. No, it isn't tacky. Your consumers are ready to buy. Let them!

Let’s recap:

  1. These mediums require their own unique voice, but don’t be afraid to cross-promote
  2. Provide a nice balance of educational and product focused posts
  3. Use these networks to leverage more sales and gain brand awareness. After all, millennials are using social media to shape their purchasing habits whether they know it or not.

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