In social media, they say content is King, but how can you make sure your content rules (pun intended)?

Why we share what we do on social media has a lot to do with perception. Perception can be broken down into 3 levels:

1. How you perceive yourself

2. How you want others to perceive you

3. How your fans/friends want to be perceived if they interact with a piece of your content. 

Woah, perception overload! So, how does this relate to creating share-worthy social content? Using those perception levels to describe the kind of content that’ll be successful, we can start to understand that--

Any piece that reflects your core values and interests (1), is relevant to your online identity (2), and resonates with something your fans care about or like (3) is share-worthy content!

Whether individually or as a business, here are 3 things to consider when posting content to help lead you to social media success…

Would your best friend like or favorite this to their own Facebook/Twitter?

Chances are your best friend (or colleague) shares some of the same interests or values as you. Although privacy settings exist, everything you post, share, or say on social media gives everyone watching and listening a little more insight into who you are. Make it worthy for them (and others) to share!

Are you providing any value-add?

Take a step back and think about if honestly your content provides value to your readers. Is it informative, humorous, or inspirational enough for someone to want to like or share it with his or her entire social network? Trim down on “fluffy” posts with no purpose and stick with ones that can delight or educate people!

Are you being a “Debbie Downer”? (Answer should be NO!)

It’s proven that positive content is shared much more frequently than negative content. People are happy to offer congratulatory and witty commentary, tweets, and shares publicly, but reluctant to interact with your complaints, sob stories, or angry rants on social media (refer to level #3!). On a related note, excessive bragging can quickly lose the interest of your fans, so don’t cross the line!

So, next time you post for yourself or your business on social media, take the time to ask yourself the necessary questions about your content to make sure it really can be King!

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