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Posted by Matthew Christie


As we wind down the previous year, we often have ambitious goals for the future. Perhaps it was to clean out the storage closet that houses your extremely outdated decorations. Maybe it was to involve your customers more in your monthly newsletter. Or maybe it was finally hiring a Community Manager to take your social media marketing to the next level.

The good news for small business owners is that the beginning of the year is the best time for small businesses to start on the right foot.  Here at Likeable Local, we took a deep dive into our own social media strategy, aligning our goals with tangible benchmarks to gauge success. Here are just a few tips we have seen bear fruit in just a few short weeks: 

1. Adapt with the ever changing landscape of social media. 

It's not all fun and games anymore. Social media for your business is more than just keeping a pulse. It is an aggressive advertising platform filled with consumers. Knowing how to position your brand effectively to engage consumers is vital.

How are you currently reaching your followers? If you aren't spending $$$ to increase your reach, your efforts are essentially a waste of time. Would you run a TV ad to only be seen by 5% of your target audience? Advertising for your business has never been free; why would it be free now?

2. Manage expectations appropriately.

This can is commonly one of the most overlooked aspects to an effective social media marketing strategy. Failing to set goals, setting goals that are too easily attained, or setting outrageously unattainable goals are most common. Define a specific purpose for each of your social channels and then outline steps to help you reach those goals.

3. Double down on whats working.

You would think that this is self explanatory. Track how your posts are performing. Increase the budget for ad campaigns that are converting at a cost effective rate. But beware, the quicker you scale the sooner you will deplete your audience.

Have a contingency plan. Don't be afraid to test new demographics to find that magic mix for your business! Remember: just because you get tired of a specific creative doesn't mean that your audience has!

4. Get feedback from your followers.

Your customers need to be your followers and vice versa. It's easy to understand what your followers are saying about you on social media if you are paying attention. When thinking of what to post on social, ask yourself this question: "Would I engage with this post if I saw a brand I follow post this?" If the answer is yes, post away! That doesn't mean that you can't keep it informal. We recommend that! But knowing how to position your brand to effectively engage consumers is vital.

Likeable Local's Listening tab makes it easy for businesses to find when their followers like, comment, share, or retweet their posts. With Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all linked to the Likeable Local platform, social media management has never been easier. 

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