Nearing the end of October, Eden Coast LLC, a small garage door company, was not seeing any real changes to their number of followers. When they asked us to help increase followers and page likes, we went to work on implementing new creative social media strategies. Since the night of Halloween was near, we decided to promote their business by appealing to the spirit of the season. 

For Halloween, we created this spooky gif of a garage door renovation, including lightning and a "Happy Halloween" message. The ad alone brought in 44 new page likes and increased their followers by 150%. The caption read "😱 Plain. White. Garage. Doors.😱 Now that's scary!"

Bouncing off of the success from this festive gif, we decided to create another ad for Veteran's day. Eden Coast wanted to thank all past and present service members for their bravery. A simple ad, an overlay of the American flag on garage doors, brought in another 31 new page likes. 


For Thanksgiving, we dressed Mac, the office dog, in a turkey costume and filmed a short video for Eden Coast to spread holiday cheer. The video includes a clip of Mac waddling around in his outfit followed by pictures of Eden Coast's garage doors with the caption "Happy Thanksgiving! Some things are worth coming home to." Since the video was posted, they have added 1249 page interactions and reached over 1,000% more people than before! 

Mac stats-1.jpg

With such a boost to Eden Coast's online traffic, we expect to see an upward trend in post engagement, followers, video views and more! As we continue into the holiday season and beyond, look out for more exciting and innovative content! 

If you want to see results like this for your business, contact us today at (212) 359-4355 and check out the link below to schedule a demo today! 


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