title logoDenbigh is a highly trusted multi-disciplinary law firm that has been serving the Yorktown, Virginia community since 1982. They've recently expanded to cover clients from Newport News to Richmond. 

We began formulating our strategy with Denbigh aware of the misconception that single practice law firms achieve better results than multi-disciplinary firms. They came to us hoping to cultivate a social media presence that would disprove this. However, rather than embarking on a long and expensive campaign to try to shift consumer perception, we thought it would be a better idea to employ a strategy that would bring customers into the firm and let them experience the Denbigh difference themselves. We went to work on a series of advertisements that would divide Denbigh's services into easily digestible points and deliver them to the hyper-targeted groups most likely to be interested in a certain discipline. 


We created three lead ads that spoke to Denbigh's expertise across disciplines. After a month of running on Facebook, Denbigh received 2-4 leads for each post. Further, they experienced explosive growth in their Facebook reach and follower count. Because we decided to target specific areas of practice, people became more responsive online. 


We also discovered that due to Facebook's recent algorithm changes, Denbigh's posts were being systematically deprioritized and were having trouble getting through to more than 5 people per day. After their new advertising strategy was implemented, this number grew to an average of 306 viewers per day.



As we continue developing Denbigh’s social media presence, we look forward to the opportunity to bring even more clients to this extraordinary law firm. Here’s to many more months of social media success!


To check out more of Denbigh Law, visit https://www.denbighlaw.com or keep up with them on Facebook!

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