Don't Forget Your Logo!

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For any small business, your logo can make or break a customers first impression. A bad logo can give the illusion that you don't take your own business very serious. Now the chance of losing customers to simply a logo is further down the list of reasons to lose clientele, however, like any other aspect to a small business, aesthetics still play a large role. All businesses want to appear professional and trustworthy and a good logo will only work to help you.

Now, let's begin with the most important question. What constitutes a good logo? Not an easy question, right? Well let’s go down to basics.

First, let's talk about design. My first advice to any small business owner looking to grasp a cohesive logo is to look at what others have done. What is your competition doing? Research! Don't be afraid to get inspired from similar businesses. Establish a clear vision of what exactly it is your business does, and the small visual elements that could help describe it. Are you a realtor? Think where you could use rooftops, houses or buildings within the essence of your design. Perhaps you are a mechanic. Maybe you'd want to include an easily recognizable tool like a wrench, an engine component or even a automobile in your logo. Just get creative and explore variations. Maybe you just want to get creative and play with fonts, colors and basic symbols. No problem! Just make sure too ask yourself these questions:
  1. Do YOU like it?
  2. Would YOU wear it on a uniform?
  3. Are YOU proud of it?
  4. Is it cohesive? Looks good in all sizes?
  5. Does it describe what business you are in?

So as you can see, coming up with a good logo is easier than you think, but it does take one-thing small business owners lack...TIME. Now I am not going to tell you to hire a professional, but as an ex-freelancer, I'll tell you nothing beats working with a professional. The biggest issue here is expense. As in all businesses, especially small business, you have to pick and choose your battles.

My biggest piece of advice is to consider how much you will use your logo. Some industries will use their logo more than others. This is especially true in the product versus service industries. Products will more than likely utilize a logo substantially more than a service. Just be sure to consider this in your debate on how much money or time to invest into your logo.

The internet has incredible resources to solving this whole issue of branding yourself with a logo. Websites such as provide design services to smaller and larger companies in a variety of affordable packages. Now I have never used these services personally, so I unfortunately cannot rate their performance in any way. However, they seem to offer decent prices for professional logo and branding services in comparison to a freelancer. Another site would be who works as a liaison between people needing graphic work and freelancers. This could also work as a valuable resource to connecting with designers (currently working with over 147,000 designers).

So these are some basics to logo design and branding. I will leave you by asking the same base question.

This is your business, all wrapped up into one simple symbol. Do you think it does a good job? Rule number one, you have to love it. Yes love, a strong word to describe a symbol, but think about what this symbol represents...

A business…Your business. Don't settle.

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