How many business owners do you know? In a world driven by dollar signs and the next best deal out there, consumers too often forget the importance of the business owners out there providing services and products for revenue. The bigger the business, the more obscure the owner can be; customer complaint departments have virtually taken away the last line of communication.

Small businesses don't have this luxury. Small business owners have to be constantly invested in the sale of their products and services. This is where social media comes in to save the day.

Social media offers a second front for the business. It can give clients a peek into your business from the comfort of their own home; it can list specials and give insights into why that business is the best choice over all of its competitors; it allows for constant engagement with customers.

This is where business owners can set themselves apart.

Establishing a business Facebook page is a great way to break down the walls to your business and have your voice heard. It allows customers to go deeper into the buying process than ever before by asking questions directly to your business with a medium they are comfortable with.

None of this is to say there's no competition on social media. Big companies like Macy's have huge websites that are high volume sales platforms. But with high volume comes high costs as well. This is where the value of making a free Facebook business page for your business becomes evident.

This leads right into the question, “Why pay for something when you could do it yourself,” right?

The truth is social media is not free. You will have to invest time and in some cases money to make your post and content visible to the right customers. The useful advantage is that Facebook can target the right individuals you need or want to get into your business. How? Think of all the information we put out there on Facebook; age, gender, location, education can all be used to hyper target the best client. These are the basics you can use to identify ideal customers based on what you know about your customer base. You can even factor in "Likes" for specific items or products.

The bottom line is this: Even though social media isn't free, it's a great alternative to expensive marketing. There's a huge depth of information out there on customers who want to know your business. Facebook pages are a tool to break down the walls of your business and make its reach local, regional, or even global.

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