It was such an honor to discuss social media advertising tactics on the Money Diver podcast with Borja Obeso, and I'm thrilled to offer this contest to all the podcast listeners and our Likeable Local blog readers! 

Targeting is crucial when it comes to social media. In this episode you learned how at Likeable Local, we often target our competitor's fans and showcase what we do to make sure that our ads catch the attention of their followers by highlighting our advantages.

On the SEO software reviews recently published on Moneydiver, you learned how the use of tools can lift your campaigns and the importance of leveraging their features in combination with your audience targeting. With our Likeable Local episode, you can apply the same principles in new ways for your Social Media Marketing efforts, so we want to invite you to check it out and try it for free!

Also as gift from our friends at Moneydiver, if you want to win a lifetime membership to Smartduu, the first provider of WordPress Themes and plugins with web personalization features, then just follow the steps below:

A winner will be chosen based on your answers so give it your best shot! 

If you need to listen to the episode again in order to be able to answer that question, then you can head over to the show notes on Moneydiver and listen to the show again.

Thanks for your time and participation, and hope you learned a think or two from our podcast :) 


Want to learn more on targeting ads in social media? Learn all about it with our free eBook, Driving Success Through Social Media Ads. Download here!

Free eBook: Driving Success Through Social Media Ads

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