It’s that time of the year again, our gift lists are long, and our grocery lists even longer, but in our holiday frenzy filled with family, friends, and food, we often forget to reflect and give thanks. From a marketing standpoint, the holidays are arguably the most important time of the year for small businesses, but don’t get too (gift) wrapped up in sales to remember who you are selling to. If there is one thing we must remember during the holiday season, it’s not order forms, sales quotas, or speedy holiday delivery, it’s the importance of gratitude.

We know you are grateful for your customers, but do they? Think about ways you can put gratitude into action, to get you started, we have 'Three Ways to Thank'

  1. Show Your Customers They're Special: To thank a loyal customer this holiday season, offer a special or discount for returning customers or referrals. 
  2. Give a Social Media Shout Out: Personally thank customers that interact with you on social media by posting a coupon or discount code on Facebook or Twitter. 
  3. Pay - It - Forward: Recommend your company's customers businesses or services online via LinkedIn or Facebook. 
Harnessing the power of gratitude goes a long way during the holidays -- and all year. So pick an idea that speaks to you and your customers and 'get grateful.' Like the video we have for you below, gratitude can be simple. So whether you are grateful for pizza, friends and family, or your customers, take the time to share that gratitude with your followers.


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