3 Hacks for LinkedIn Success

Posted by Beth Henderson

It's impossible to deny LinkedIn's effect on social media. Unlike any other platform before it, it has leveled the playing field for businesses to truly interact in a professional setting online. But...are you using it effectively? It’s easy to let your page just sit there, waiting for divine-digital inspiration, but there are methods to make your page stand out on this mighty platform.

Below are some helpful hacks commonly used to promote your page:

Listen to Your Colleagues
If social media is a toolkit, then listening is your hammer, the most important tool you can use anywhere online. This includes LinkedIn! Explore your surroundings by paying attention to what your customers and prospects are saying about you and your business. Do this by searching words or phrases related to what you do. There’s plenty of insight available to you on LinkedIn, don’t ignore it.

One way to gain even more insight is to join a number of groups. Chose your groups based on your professional interests to really see what people are saying about your industry. You never know, you could also make a connection or two!

Connect to Influencers
Unlike any other platform, LinkedIn is the place where people go to connect professionally. You’d be surprised how willing people are to build relationships! Have a professional you admire? Go ahead and reach out.

Additionally, keep an eye on LinkedIn influencers, since they are commonly thought leaders in your industry! Listen, interact, and connect by following those that inspire you. Show that you’re listening by commenting on their posts, sharing their published content, and messaging them with a request to connect.

Content is King
Last but not least, content, content content. While it may seem daunting, becoming an author on LinkedIn is not as difficult (or scary) as it may appear! Establish yourself as an expert by creating original works that show off your skill and post links to other articles that stand out to you. There’s only one way to be a thought leader and that’s by acting like one!

First, think of a great headline and find a compelling photo to use. Then it’s a matter of writing a concise post that includes a strong call to action! All that’s left is to share across different social media channels to make sure everyone can have a look at your creation.

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