Kick It Into High Gear in 4 Ways

Posted by Zac O'Neill

Wow! We don't know about you, but our December has flown by! The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is definitely felt in our office. We hope that you are handling the stress well, but there are still customers to be served and money to be made, so let's kick it into overdrive! Stumped on what to do next? Try some of these fantastic last minute marketing ideas to finish your 2014 strong!

1. Holiday Celebration Contest
Some of our fantastic #Likeable customers have hosted "Best Christmas Tree Competitions." Their Facebook fans post a picture of their tree, and the most gorgeous, beautiful, wondrous, and Christmasy Christmas tree with the most likes wins a prize. This is a fantastic way to engage your current fans, and drive new ones (the entrants will ask everyone they know to go to YOUR page to like their picture).

2. Countdown Personalization
Whether its 5 days till Christmas or one week to the new year, dedicate each day to spotlight a member of your staff. The holidays are about family, so introduce your small business family to your followers. These posts will build trust, heighten holiday anticipation, and add personalization. 

3. The Elves have Left Clues
ARGH, host a virtual holiday treasure hunt across ALL of your social media platforms. Your followers must collect all the clues to enter and win! Maybe elves hijacked your social media and have hidden clues in all your posts. This is a fun and interactive way to engage your fans!

4. Give back to Receive
This is the season of giving, so why not organize a drive at your store? Food drive, gift drive, etc. Invite your customers to come in and drop off. Incentivizing these donations with discounts on your products, will drive more donations and sales!  

What great holiday marketing campaigns have you run? Let us know and you will be entered to win a FREE YEAR of Likeable!

If you still feel overwhelmed with the holidays, schedule a free consultation with one of our social media experts. We can help you close out the year strong! 

Enter to Win!

What do you think of these ideas? Comment your thoughts below! 


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