As always, Facebook is constantly making sure that as a business owner, you get the best user experience possible. Now we will admit, every tool that Facebook provides isn't perfect... yet. However, Facebook does strive to improve the overall quality and relevance- in particular, how users interact with businesses and vice versa.

As of March 12th, Facebook began purging the network of inactive accounts. You may be notified to update your security settings to ensure the highest quality experience for all users. Here are 3 things that you can take take away to reach your most relevant audience to date!

Meaningful Likes: Real fans = real likes. At the end of the day, you want to have REAL fans that will like, comment and share your content.

Wise targeting: Know your audience! Reach out to an audience that needs your product. Facebook gives you the ability to custom target your posts, which helps narrow your audience, leading to more engagement. 

Original content: Now that real people are looking at your page, you should be creating original, creative and engaging posts on Facebook. Try to think outside of the box and promote your business in a way that your audience can relate.

The social network wants to make sure that all users’ data on Facebook are up-to-date. Think of it this way: quality over quantity. Why would you want inactive users liking your page? This change also means you will have more control over your page. You will have accurate data and statistics from a real audience, and this is how you can improve your presence across the board.

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