How Productive Were You This Summer?

Posted by Sara Murali

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Now that summer has officially come to a close, it's time to get your business in gear for the new season! While there is no denying that small businesses tend to slow down during the "Summer Slump" (with lower sales numbers and employees on vacation), we hope that you have used this downtime wisely to perfect your social media strategy.

Let's recap on a few key points we went over during our Beat the Summer Slump series:

  1. Win at Customer Service by Surprising & Delighting unsatisfied customers
  2. Show recognition to your hardworking employees to increase productivity
  3. Be aware and informed of network updates (on LinkedIn and Facebook, for instance!)
  4. Really listen to your customers to encourage word-of-mouth referrals through social media
  5. Make sure you are well-read when it comes to social!
  6. Delegate tasks among your members of your staff to ease the workload
  7. Improve your content strategy by sharing and linking to articles that others have posted
  8. Start using social media from your mobile device to stay connected
  9. Measure success on Facebook in terms of loyalty of fans

How many of these were you able to master over the past few months? We hope that this series of articles has helped get your business back on track and fully prepared for a lucrative fall season ahead. Stay tuned for our upcoming Fall Blog Series, focusing on defining and improving ROI from social media!

Feeling overwhelmed? No problem -- We can help! You can always schedule a one-on-one consultation with one of our social media experts if you are looking for extra help.

Here's to a productive and profitable new season!
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