You may have noticed that Twitter has recently implemented a new feature on their global social network. No, it’s not a new like or dislike button. They doubled their famous 140 character limit to 280. Twitter revealed in a blog post that after a month of testing the format, they decided to go ahead.

Twitter touts that the change is going to increase the amount that people tweet, alleviate the concerns that many of its users have about not having enough space, and boost engagement rates across the board.

However, after the move went ahead, many users protested, claiming that Twitter was built on the foundation of a 140-post word limit, hence the creation of the #halfcircle movement. Many users on the other hand have embraced the change as a positive one. So, cutting to the chase, what does this change mean in terms of opportunities for a small business using Twitter?


Enhanced Customer Service

One of the biggest benefits we can see coming from the word limit increase is the opportunity for better customer service. Many customers reach out to a business on twitter for customer service related inquiries, product reviews, or to start a conversation.

Thanks to this increase in word count, businesses will be able to provide much more detailed responses to customers, therefore giving them a much more comprehensive customer experience.


More Room for Error

The more characters you’re typing, the more room for error. Additionally, conventions about what is appropriate language for Twitter (given the 140 character limit) are changing due to the increased limit. The more space there is for a tweet, the more space there is for proper punctuation. Stay on the side of caution and opt for proper grammar.

Between typos, grammar, and spelling mistakes, these errors can seriously damage the credibility and reputation of your business and should be avoided at all costs. Fortunately, you can use grammar and proofreading tools like Academadvisor and Via Writing to pick up on these mistakes and correct them.


Multi-Lingual Support

One of the other benefits that you should be aware of as a small business is the chance to expand by offering multi-lingual support.

Let’s say you mainly operate in New England and Quebec. This means that when you’re posting a tweet, you’ll not only be able to post in English but also in French in the same post. Of course, you could rely on built-in web browser translations or Twitter’s, but this has been proven to go wrong many times, often with hilarious results for everybody else. You can use tools like Revieweal for accurate translations.


Avoid Using Too Many Hashtags

With more word space comes more responsibility. Some small businesses will find it incredibly tempting to jam up their Tweets with hashtags to try and boost the visibility of their posts. Don’t give into this temptation! An impactful tweet that generates value is far more important than a tweet with high hashtag visibility.

“When it comes to tweets, just remember the rules you have for the rest of the content that your business produces. Instead of trying to spam more followers, always try and provide real value to your followers in the form of information” shares Matt King, a social media marketer for Elite Assignment Help.


280 Words Isn’t a Target

Along with the consideration above, it’s important to remember most web consumers like small and easily digestible chunks of information that they can quickly absorb. Although it may be tempting to try to maximize the space you now have, focus on providing value instead, even if that means you’re only posting ten words. Less is still more.



As you can see, there are a multitude of benefits that this word count increase will bring to your business, but there are also a number of traps that should be avoided. Tweet smart and this could be a dawn of a new era of success for your small business on Twitter.


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