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You’re on a social network, scrolling through your feed. Suddenly, you see a compelling image that makes you stop scrolling. Upon closer look, you see it’s a post from your favorite organization. It has caught your attention, and you’re riveted in fascination. After you tune in, you’re in awe. It resonates with you in ways you did not expect. Feeling compelled to spread its message, you share it with your friends. “You’ve got to see this,” you say.


There is something about that post that made it stand out from the social media crowd, an amazing feat in this age of information overload. With the content noise, how can you be that showstopper? Most importantly, what can you create to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives?


The key is value. Specifically, how you create, communicate, and deliver that value. The most inspiring people and organizations provide value that deeply resonates. They’re on a mission. They stand for a cause. Through sheer will, they make their cause happen.


Imagine your favorite organizations.


How did they earn your respect? It’s likely they did so by standing for something. They uphold their values with passion. And with grit, they create content that provides value in these ways.


Start with Why


This concept has been said before, and it has far-reaching influence.


In his “Start with Why” TEDx talk, Simon Sinek speaks of the importance of “starting with why” in leadership. What’s the why? Your organization’s purpose. According to Sinek, your products are proof of what you believe in. When you share what you believe, people who love your cause will likely want to become a part of it.


The same “why” that applies to leadership will make your messages resonate.


When you reveal what your organization, product, or service is all about, go beyond features. Explore how those features will enhance people’s lives. And, share what you believe, so people will believe in you.


Be Authentic


Be human, and be authentic, even if it means showing vulnerability. Because people connect with people, there’s something appealing about transparency. When you let people in, you build trust. By infusing empathy and emotion into your organization, you invite people to form a relationship with your brand. After all, warmth is always in.


Be Bold


Taking positive risks is a catalyst for progress. People respect the organization that champions a good cause courageously. Meaningful content stands for something. So, be plucky, and be authentic, when spreading your ideas. You’ll carry your message far.


Create Stellar Content


Stellar content educates, entertains, and inspires. Yes, all three. You want to help people, and be the resource they can count on. This is your time to bring value to people’s lives. Go the distance.

The secret to creating this content is curiosity. You know that sense of awe and wonder you feel from gazing at something incredible? Bring that same marvel to your creative process. Inspiring content comes from being inspired by the world around you.


Collaborative Storytelling


Stories are powerful. From prehistoric paintings carved on ancient cave walls, to modern books and websites, stories connect us. They’re a part of the human experience. That’s why it’s important to make them a part of your organization’s experience.


So, share your story. What made your organization what it is today? What was its journey?


People want to know.


Storytelling is at its best when collaborative. Enter the era of storymaking. Today’s organizations are inviting people to share their own stories, content, and ideas. It’s a conversation, a joining of minds. Imagine sitting around a dinner table or campfire with friends. Everyone takes turns, listening and speaking. An engaging experience, right? It’s vital you harness that same collaborative energy in business. Ask questions, be interested, and invite people to join your journey.


With that, is how inspiring content is born. How you can have people taking notice, tuning in, and taking action. Most importantly, it’s how to create to make a meaningful difference. We'd love to hear your experiences! How do you create? Share with us in the comments section.


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